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Look and listen.

Every morning I wake up looking forward to starting the day. I love the work I do and am grateful for the opportunities I am offered along the way. Every project is different and enriching.

I am a humanist. Above all else, I believe in people. I am convinced that in the end, we all want the same things: a meaningful, happy and healthy life, to connect with the people around us, and to be recognized as a valuable human being. My work revolves around those that are cut off from one or all of these. Using film and photography, I try to speak for or on behalf of groups that have been unfortunate in the circumstances they are in, are being treated by socio-economic injustice, or are the victims of discrimination.

Ultimately, it is my conviction that every person has an interesting story. And that each human being can teach us something. As long as we are willing to look and listen.

Current Projects

empowering teen girls

In Girl Connected, five teenage girls from Bangladesh, Peru, Jordan, India and Kenya show us how rewarding it can be to swim against the tide. Learn more.

street children with babies

In 2008, I photographed six teenage street mothers and their babies at a young mothers home in Managua, Nicaragua. This April, I am going back to find them. Learn more.

overpopulation Malawi

In the documentary, Kulinga Mawa, we learn about the alarming population growth in Malawi, a reality that provides the country’s most urgent challenge to its very existence. Learn more.

I was honored to have been invited to speak at a TEDx event in 2015, in Valencia (Spain). The talk is inspired by my experiences during the 14 months of filming my documentary, Karla’s Arrival, and revolves around how babies born on the street inadvertently end up rescuing their own teenage mothers.