Just want to say that I have arrived. It remains a long haul… 

Makes me wonder whether we can really make it on time when important things are about to happen. One of my objectives for this first trip is to put in place an infrastructure together with Casa Alianza and the local producer which guarantees that we keep track of the protagonist(s) and are able to be present (i.e. filming) when needed, even if it means someone here has to start while we are on the way. Another thing we really need is for Iberia to colaborate. They have a direct flight MAD-GUA and can really help us in case we need to hop on a plane from one moment to the next, without having to pay 6.000 euros for it… I’ll work on that when I get back to Madrid the 10th.

Anyway, I am staying at Hostal Guatefriends (the first time I stayed in a 4-star hotel and the second with the High Representative of the UN, so everytime is a different experience) and have met a few interesting backpackers already. I just woke up and today is devoted to Casa Alianza, and to making phone calls to plan the rest of the trip.

Was reading the latest version of the Diary of Anne Frank on the way in (recently published extended and complete version), and am wondering what her life would have been like had blogs existed in 1942.

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