A few pictures

One more thing – a few pictures from today (click to enlarge):

The girl left of me is La Chispa, whom I mentioned a few posts back. She is four months pregnant. It’s her second child. Her first one was taken from her, most likely by Social Services. Like the others in the pictures, she lives in the group with Ines.

Notice how I am holding onto my bag as if my life depends on it?  🙂

One thought on “A few pictures

  1. Hí Koen,

    Congratulations on the project so far! It is really impressive what you have been doing to get there and the level of perseverance and compassion you demonstrate.

    I will forward this link to some (of the many) admirors you have here in ING, I am sure they are very interested.

    Have a safe trip back and looking forward to seeing you on Friday.



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