Last day’s thoughts

Something funny is going on here. After spending a week roaming the streets of this city, and meeting with the NGO’s, I am starting to think that these organizations are keeping the children on the streets! There are so many NGO’s working with children, and since the evangelization of this country (many catholics are turning hard-core protestants), the churches have also gotten involved. Children who sleep in the street know that organization 1 will bring breakfast by 9.30AM, then number 2 will take them out to bake cakes at 10AM (lunch included), number 3 may come along around 1PM to hand out condoms (Casa Alianza alone hands out 190.000 condoms a year), and then dinner is served at such and such shelter…

Ok, I am being facetious. But these children and teenagers are being catered to in a way that there’s no incentive to get off the streets. It’s the perfect combination: the ultimate freedom (the very reason many are not able to hold out very long in the rule-ridden shelters), they can come and go when they want, take whatever substance they feel like, and no one will tell them what to do when, and on the other hand a constant flow of basic necessities.

I was surprised to find out that my newly found friend Ines takes computer classes once a week. Yet, she sleeps in the open air on a lice-infested dirty mattress under the canopy of a motorcycle-shop. The MOJOCA people told me she could write emails to me if I wanted (at their day facility) to tell me first hand how the pregnancy is coming along.

I am having a hard time comprehending some of this.

Anyway, I went out on the streets today with Casa Alianza. They wanted to present me to yet another pregnant young woman, but we couldn’t find her. I have come to the conclusion however that deciding on the second option for the film, can wait until the last moment. I know who’s out there and when they are supposed to give birth. That feels like it’s enough for now.

Right, am off back to Spain tomorrow on another one of those long flights. But this blog has only just started. I’ll keep writing on developments on production, financing and the start of the shoot, which I think will be on the 15th of October, all the way to the premiere in 2010. So stay tuned.

One thought on “Last day’s thoughts

  1. Hi Koen,
    Very interesting what you say about the NGOs almost facilitating the lives of the street children. I look forward to seeing how the project develops.
    Hope you had a good trip back. The couple of conversations we had brightened up my otherwise dull week. If this documentary doesn’t work out as planned, you can always become a stand-up comedian.


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