Tiny steps of progress

There’s no doubt in my mind that the next three months will seem to go by very slowly. It’s a long time and a lot can happen.

I had been wondering whether I left Guatemala with everything organized the way I wished. A week later I got an update from Casa Alianza about Inés with some photos. All is well. They are also organizing some other things, and Alberto, the local producer, is already prepping the shoot for October. A good feeling to have so many people supporting the project hands-on in the city.

For my part, I am talking to Iberia to see if we can get some sponsorship for the flights, to some TV stations for extra financing (we all know how “easy” that is in Spain – haha), to a producer who will raise more funds in the U.S., etc etc. Also to Steffie about the cameras, and the technical and style choices we’re going to have to start making. Ah, and I made a one-pager explaining the basics of the project.

I also met the founders of Gaudium Paidos (see link in sidebar). This is a new ONG who are going to Guatemala next week to set up a desintoxication-unit for street children, something which seems to be the missing step to successfully rescuing youngsters off the streets.

Thanks everyone who have written to me personally with very thoughtful and long mails. I really love the idea that people are getting engaged. Feel free to write on the site itself as well, so it can be shared.

For those of you in the Northern hemisphere: have a nice summer! For the others: have a nice winter!!

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