Money coming in…

I had lunch today with a banker friend of mine and he suddenly, out of the blue, says: Koen, my wife and I have been following your blog and we’ve decided we want to make a gift of 1000 euros towards the making of this film. You can imagine: I was very surprised to this unsolicited gift which just fell in my lap!!

We agreed their money would go towards my contribution to a street-children-themed photo exhibition at the end of November in Barcelona, organized bij the Spanish NGO Gaudium Paidos, who have asked me to submit ten images to the event.

That, by the way, was another unsolicited gift from heaven. My plan is to photograph the first part of the shooting, at the end of October, doing a series on the birth of the child and subsequent return to the streets. In case you’re in BCN, it’s from 15-30 November in Bellas Artes (one of the most prestigious places to exhibit, I should add).

As for the unexpected money, maybe I should paste a link to my PayPal account in case others want to follow… (?)

And just like with my film Casting, even before having shot a single frame I am already feeling this project is giving me present after present. Filmmaking is such an enriching experience, in all possible ways: the people you meet, oportunities which come your way, and best of all, the fact you get to say something and contribute.

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