We have taken two weeks of holiday, in Holland, in a beautiful nature-reserve area called De Veluwe. I know working is a crime during vacation time, but I have no choice. I am currently writing the script, in Dutch, since a few deadlines are coming up for further funding (at this stage, everything is about funding, which is a bit of a pain in the ass since I get very little time to think about other, more creative, things). So, I write one to two hours a day, when the girls are in bed.

The few scripts I’ve written, have always been under the influence of a certain CD which has guided me along the entire writing period. For The Endless Caravan, it was Beth Gibbons and Rustin’ Man‘s album Out of Season. Very inspirational. This time around, believe it or not, it’s somewhat more nostalgic and crude: the 10cc album Live in Japan! (the exclamation mark is mine) I am especially hooked on a 15-minute number called Feel the Benefit. Check it out… (hmm, giving away my age here?)

Last week I confirmed the Dutch and the Belgian co-producer (as mentioned before) and spent a lot of time talking with them about the project, and the financing strategy. We’re going for it in the fall – it’s going to be very busy. More about that when things become more certain.

So far the news from Holland. Posts will be sporadic for the next two weeks, but the film, and Ines, is ever present in my head. All of this spectacle, the trips, this talk of TV stations and film funds – it reminds me always that I should not forget the most important thing: a new human being is on its way to be born at the end of October. A miracle I hope to make you a witness of.

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