Back home (from holidays)

We’ve returned to Madrid. My idea to work on the script an hour a day has not worked very well. I need longer periods, since I generally require a long prep time before writing a lot in a really short time. One hour doesn’t do it. What’s more, this is the first time I have to think about the actual order of the scenes, which together have to make sense and be a coherent story. That’s harder than I thought…

I know for sure that the story will nicely fall in place once we start shooting. I also know exactly what the first scenes will look like. But to dream up how the film will be structured is something else. It’s good to think about it – it forces one to think about the overall film, its ups and downs, the characters we want to show, etc. But it’s just a little more complicated than sitting down for an hour a day expecting to churn out a complete script for a feature-length documentary…

What I have successfully worked on is everything related to shooting style, use of sound and music, etc. I also have sorted out the technical side, except for the sound setup but that’s a short meeting away (with my friend and sound-whiz Gerardo, after whom I have named Inés’ baby in the script for the moment…).

Also this week: Forum deadline! The Forum is a side event part of Amsterdam’s IDFA Documentary Festival, which takes place late November. It’s where producers and directors get a chance to pitch their projects to international TV buyers. There are several similar pitching opportunities throughout the year, but the Forum is the one to be at. In fact, I applied to a Spanish one called MediMed, which is at the beginning of October in Sitges, which I see as a prep for the real thing in Amsterdam a month later.

So, this week is dedicated to the script, the overall project (in Dutch, for film fund applications in Holland and Flanders), the Forum documentation, and prepping the shoot, which is the next (and last) subject of this post.

I heard through Casa Alianza yesterday that Inés was seven months pregnant on the 20th of August. This means she will deliver, under normal circumstances, around the 20th of October. However, there are no “normal” circumstances in Inés’ life, and I think we should move the travel day to Guatemala for the first leg of the shoot one week forward. That’s in only six weeks!! There is still a lot to prepare, and since I also have to make some money and will be off on a colleague’s shoot for ten days, there is really very little time left. So, I am working against and around the clock.

But enjoying it… more later.

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