Quick note. Have just gotten a mail from Guatemala. Inés went for a check-up, and now they are telling me the baby will be born between the 2nd and 4th of November!! Two weeks later than expected and two days AFTER the return flight.

I am waiting for some more info, but no doubt we’ll have to move the dates for the trip. Am getting a little nervous about this issue. How can one get security about the delivery date of a child at thousands of miles distance?

In other news, I bought the camera we will be using. We’re shooting HDV 1080/25P (for anyone who cares) and buying a camera for such a long project is cheaper than renting one. And I can use it for other stuff, obviously. Anyway, it’s the Sony HVR-Z7P. It’s pretty sexy! Here’s one of many reviews from the net. Am awaiting delivery, which should be early next week.

It’s late. I have to sleep some. Script is coming along nicely.

2 thoughts on “Confusion…

  1. Dear Koen,
    One can never have security about the delivery date of a baby, no matter the distance. Could be weeks before or after the due date!


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