Silence before the storm?

Things are quiet. This is of course entirely due to myself. I am waiting for more news on the possible birth date, am done with the script in Dutch (which was quite a delivery in itself), have chosen and bought the camera which is now in my possession, and have started working on a friend’s corporate film in order to make some money (something which is pretty hard just doing documentaries, and more so in Spain).

Am kind of feeling that we are, as the title suggests, in the silence before the storm. No doubt by the end of next week, when Steffie (= camera woman) is back from Rwanda and I am back from my current shoot, things will pick back up. We need to test the new camera, and get used to it. We also need to compare the bigger Sony Z7 with the smaller JVC Everio, to make sure their images can be used side by side. There’s the whole sound issue to be sorted out. And I need to keep thinking about all things related to the film’s content, which mature every day.

Meanwhile, a few interesting facts. One is, that I have been offered to teach film making for four days to a unit of the Guatemalan Police!! I think a good relation with them can really benefit the project, and I like teaching, so am trying to fit it in. Also, the blog has now had more than a thousand hits. When does a blog turn 18 and can be considered mature (as in: grown-up)? Surely I am quite a way away from that?

A final less positive note is that we weren’t accepted to pitch the project at MediMed, a forum I mentioned a while back. Now, the application was written before my last trip to Guatemala, so still very hypothetical about “a mother” who lived somewhere on the streets. Also, MediMed tends to focus on countries around the Mediterranean basin. So, I guess it’s no surprise. But still, a rejection is a rejection, and as you can tell from the above, it helps to find rational arguments to sell yourself the idea that it couldn’t possibly be related to the quality of your project…

Night night.

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