A reply

I received a quick email from my dear friend Beate Arnestad, from Norway, who made a very risky and controversial documentary called “My Daughter the Terrorist”. Here’s what she says:

Just read your blog – yeh man – welcome to the real world – if you ever thought there was a free press – These films you have to make under-cover – and you have to put on all kinds of hats – but never telling you are making a documentary film!!

No one wants this kind of truth/reality to come out. They will say yes and indeed very important – but in the end – they will pull out due to all kinds of reason and pressure…from above – politicians – sponsors etc etc–


She’s probably right. In fact, she encourages me to stop being so specific in my blog! I doubt it’s being read in Guatemala, so for now, am not worried about that one.

Often in my life things which have appeared to be negative at first, have opened doors to new opportunities better than what I had at hand. So, I’m just going to go with the flow. I did what I could. Wrote them a letter, but at the same time am looking for alternatives.

In fact, here’s Beate’s second email:

Koen, I have read and don’t remember all details – but there is also a story about trying to make this story if you see what I mean – A story about a true story/or sad reality that surrounding authorities, ngo’s etc want to hide from the public.

Maybe just turning around and attack from a different angle makes it even more intersting,
But then – you cannot make all your moves available on a blog!!

Just cheer up!!


Obviously, published with PERMission from her (some of you will understand the capital “PERM” joke! See, I am cheery!!)

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