Important lessons (or: crisis continued)

I am learning important lessons. Beate was right. It’s better not to be transparant and publish your experiences in a blog, however much you might think it helps the cause. Today I have learned of the definite decision of MOJOCA not to support the project. It’s clear where this comes from. It only takes a European to communicate such a thing through a press release instead of directly to me (and in reply to a very sincere and humble letter I sent them last week).

The worst is that Inés has also written to me renouncing her participation. I wonder what pressures were applied to get there. I respect her more than the entire management of the NGO, and because of that, will not make any more reference to her in the written material about the film (including this blog) unless she herself tells me again I can do so.

Secondly, having come this far, my offer for her to deliver in a private clinic in order to have a safer and more comfortable delivery remains. Even if she’s no longer part of the film.

I’ll publish the MOJOCA Press Release later today (it is after all a press release!) and will comment on it. But it’s pretty serious stuff. Especially in the personal accusations department…

2 thoughts on “Important lessons (or: crisis continued)

  1. Es increible que haya aun gente que no llegue a entender porque MOJOCA ha decidido no dar mas su apoyo a este proyecto. Cuando el ego llega a tocar tan bajo, cuando se viven experiencias de autodestruccion tan fuertes y por tanto tiempo, se puede vender hasta la propia alma sin darse siquiera cuenta. El 85% de los chicos de la calle vuelven a la calle … Felicito a MOJOCA por haber tomado una decision tan valiente a tiempo.


  2. Hola Montse,

    Gracias por tu comentario, que obviamente viene de alguien que está cerca del tema de los jovenes de la calle. Ojalá más personas supieran lo que tu sepas sobre la situación, especialmente el hecho de que ya existen segundas generaciones de niños de la calle. Un problema invisible que merece toda la atención que puede conseguir.

    He borrado tu segundo comentario, donde publicas la nota de prensa, dado que ya me habia comprometido a hacer lo mismo dentro del mismo blog y así lo he hecho.



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