The characters

Besides Sujeylin and her imprisoned partner Juan Carlos, there are three characters who are important in Nicaragua. First there is Martha Clarissa, who is the local producer. She’s one of the country’s most experienced producers from the period the film industry was just getting started after the revolution. I contracted her to “service” the production in Managua, but she’s doing more than that. She’s positioning herself as a creative producer as well, conferring with me on ideas and approach for certain situations, which is a true pleasure.

Then there’s Morena Guadalupe, a young production assistant and researcher. She’s mainly the one who physically goes out to see Sujeylin, takes her to places when needed, etc. She isn’t half as experienced as her boss, but has a strong ideological will and a tremendous heart.

And finally Alejandro, a street worker with one of the NGO’s. He has been tremendously helpful to us, considering we have agreed never to go to the park where Sujeylin lives without a street worker present, mainly for our safety. Alejandro was off work during this week I was in Nicaragua, so he pretty much ended up spending the entire week with me, becoming my (tour) guide, body guard and camera assistant all in one.

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