cardboard baby

Karla’s Arrival is a human rights documentary about babies who are born and raised on the streets. They make up the second generation of street children, those whose parents also grew up homeless. This is an unstudied phenomenon of a generation which tends to be entirely invisible from statistics.

The film follows a young mother and her baby, who live as part of a group of kids in a small park in Managua (Nicaragua) as they struggle through the first year of the child’s life. The story starts with the child’s birth and ends on the baby’s first birthday. Between those two moments, Karla’s Arrival takes its audience on the intense personal journey of a young mother’s venture into motherhood under extreme circumstances. While the mother realizes the bleakness of her baby’s prospects in life, she will resolve to leave the streets and start a new life for the love of her child. Karla’s Arrival follows her complicated personal journey to cover a universal story which has yet to be told.

See two early trailers here.

Below, follow the director’s blog on the making of the film.

6 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. He die Koen,

    Ziet er prachtig uit!

    Het wordt zeker een hele mooie film..

    allerbeste groet vanuit Madrid!!



  2. Het is een heel grappig kindje. Bewegelijk, grote open ogen, en met een levenswil die ze van haar moeder heeft denk ik.


  3. Hi Koen, following your blog here from New York with great interest. Boy, you are discovering the real world. Reminds me that I need to come out of my d.. office more and see what’s out there. All the best of luck with your movie. Can’t wait to see it!


  4. Hi Koen,

    I’m much impressed by what you are experiencing. This is quite a long way away from our comfortable life in Madrid (and the rest of the continent) and our stupid little worries. Hard to imagine…
    Keep up the fine work. We’ll track your blog with maximum interest.

    Best, Paul


  5. Hey Koen

    Remember me? Cast F 1991. I’m reading your blogg with great interest. Thanks for mailing the link. Your lines make me think of how tiny our issues here in the civilized world are. Looking forward to seeing your film! Thanks for keeping me informed.
    Take care, wish you all the best, a lot of strength and keep up this life-changing work!


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