More news from the front

I still fail to understand why Juan Carlos was arrested. I heard he was drunk, and that’s all. Formally he’s under house arrest (funny, because he has no house, not even a roof) awaiting trial since his Christmas arrest. The trial has been postponed a few times now, once or twice because he didn’t show up.

Why is this so important? Well, Sujeylin’s well-being is entirely connected to her relationship with Juan Carlos. If he’s around, she’s ok. When he’s gone, she’s not. In fact, when he’s in jail, she needs to go and deliver food on a daily basis. And so the roles reverse. He usually generates income for both of them to eat. Now she has to somehow get a hold of enough money to feed herself (she’s eating for two these days) as well as him.

Today I received a long mail from Morena to confirm that Sujeylin is absolutely fed up with the situation, and wants to check into Casa Alianza. Good for her. But bad for the film. If she’s in Casa Alianza, she can’t be the protagonist of this film. It’s a documentary about babies born and raised on the streets! An unknown trend which happens a lot all over the world. And I am starting to understand why it’s so difficult to study…

I guess waiting a few days is the best we can do. Although, I will definitely call her tomorrow to get her view on things. Maybe an interesting conversation to be able to use in the film? But I won’t tell her what to do. She has to decide what’s best for her.

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