Machete wounds…

This film never ceases to be interesting. Albeit a little painful once in a while. This week I was told that Juan Carlos has gotten in a fight and that his hand was nearly cut off by a machete. When arriving at the hospital, the doctors weren’t sure they could save his hand, but in the end it seems like they did. Although last I heard, personally from Sujeylin when I called her again yesterday, was that he was going back into surgery.

macheteI enclose a picture of a machete. It’s a typical Central-American 80 cm long knife which many men carry in their belt. Its name comes from the Spanish “macho”. Let’s hope when we’re shooting we don’t run into a knife like that…

Sujeylin told me she was good and bad. Good because she feels good, her pregnancy is going well, and she is with Juan Carlos. Bad because against her advice, JC goes out at night and gets into trouble. Now she is spending a few days with him in hospital, worried about his hand and the fact that he can’t go out and make some money.

We’re 14 days away from travelling to Nicaragua to finally start shooting. Am in full prep-mode right now.

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