Both babies safely born

Child birth remains a most amazing and emotional experience. Sujeylin’s baby, as of yet without a name, as well as my own baby (the documentary) were both born around one o’clock today by c-section in Managuan maternity hospital Bertha Calderon. It was an incredible experience to see new human life literally being pulled out of a young woman’s belly. I had shivers going down my spine. At first I was even shaking, but realized soon enough that the image I was recording shook with me, so I focussed on my yoga classes and was able to relax!

Sujeylin’s baby seems to be doing well. She weighed only 2 kilos 40 grams but is fully developed and is not considered premature. She was born by c-section because the last ultrasound showed there was little amniotic fluid, so to avoid the baby suffocating she was scheduled to be delivered yesterday. But because Sujeylin failed to take some medicine she was asked to take, they postponed the birth by one day.

Here’s a picture of her:


And here’s one of us… (that’s camera assistant Armando holding the mic and myself the camera):


And not to forget the proud mother (while just getting stitched up):


It was an extremely intense day and most important of all (besides mother and child being healthy of course) we are finally on the way to having started the documentary by filming the opening scene. I always knew this was going to be the most difficult and crucial one, and we did it!!

Next on the program: the first time Sujeylin gets to hold her baby (they are currently separated and she was only able to see her for ten seconds or so) and father Juan Carlos meeting the baby (and vice versa). That’s tomorrow.

Like the Brits say: I am knackered. More tomorrow, “pues”.

4 thoughts on “Both babies safely born

  1. Congratulations Koen! Now that this next milestone has been passed the rest of the documentary will follow its ‘natural path’ and all pieces will fall nicely together.

    I am very happy for you that this first important hurdle of the process of the actual shooting has been successfully taken.

    See you in approximately one month.

    Love from the whole family and staff here at the office


  2. Thanks for living it with me from so nearby! Milestone is the right word, definitely.


  3. Heel erg van harte gefeliciteerd met de geboorte van beide babies! We hebben er met spanning op gewacht en wensen je toe dat ze allebei voorspoedig opgroeien.



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