The finca

We got back very late today and the town’s “cyber” is only open for 20 more minutes, so I’ll be short. Tomorrow we’re back in Managua where I’ll work on something more elaborate. But what a day! First an hour in our 4×4 over a dirt road full of stones and potholes. Then an hour and 15 minutes walk in burning sun shine through the country side (semi-jungle) going up and down hills, until we arrive at Sujeylin’s mother’s alternative home. She grows beans here and keeps cows and chicken.


For the documentary, the most important part were all the things that weren’t said. This makes the moment very difficult to include in the film, but there was a lot of “unspoken” tension there. I am hoping to get some of this out tomorrow, our last day here. Although I already have a quite a lot of voice over about her relationship with her mother, I’d prefer for them to have a good chat about the past. Let’s see what happens (a common phrase now – one has to be very patient).


The Nicaraguan country side is just gorgeous – so unspoilt and pure. So many shades of green. Lots of trees in bloom. I was really in awe with it all. The above picture is from the walk back – we had to cross a river by going through the water. Sujeylin was very amused that I didn’t take my shoes off… (I prefer not hurting my feet and falling into the water with all the equipment).

Anyway, I’ll end by posting a picture of me taking a break in front of the house (taken by my sound guy). With the promise that more will follow tomorrow. Night night.


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