Ready to fly

Am currently at the airport in Managua, waiting for my flight to Miami and on to Madrid. Alone again, after having been surrounded by crew, producer, and lots of young street dwellers for three weeks. It was definitely a very lively and intense period. And it seems a little surreal, this sudden change back to another reality.

Think about it. This project was started in 2003 and just now did we finish the first leg of the shoot. Although I haven’t been actively working on it for the entire six years, this film has been playing in my head for all his time. Not only that, but through my five research- and preparatory trips, both to Guatemala and Nicaragua, I have been able to size up just about everything that could possibly go wrong.

Now, sitting here, I realize that my dreams have come true. So far, reality allowed for the film to be shot in a way I had hoped for. Better actually, because I got lots more time with the baby during this first leg than I had bet on. The result is that I have an incredible amount of very rich material, which somehow needs to be turned into the first part (60%? 80%??) of the film.

No doubt I will need some time to let this experience sink in. And to get going on the editing, while prepping the second leg – around the end of May beginning of June.

Please check back regularly, as I’ll keep writing throughout the entire process.

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