Two things

Have been back for about a week now. The first two days I was quite drowsy from the time change (I’m getting old I think…) but after a well-deserved Easter holiday weekend, I’m back at it in full swing.

The important news is that the police didn’t come back to the park, and mother and child are still together. Last I heard baby Karla had another check-up yesterday and the plan was to travel to Chontales after that, so they could stay in Sujeylin’s family home. The question is whether that happened (the check up yes, but the trip??).

Sujeylin would have to have saved 70 Córdobas for the bus (US$ 3.50) and make it to the bus station somehow, which is quite a way away on the edge of the city. What’s more, Juan Carlos might not want to see them go, which would mean a negotiation which could have ended up in JC making promises he cannot keep. I get news every week or so, from Alejandro the social worker, so am eagerly waiting to find out what happened.

The other thing I have been meaning to share is about my level of (in)tolerance during the trip back. It really is a long trip, and I have realized these past few times that I become an increasingly intolerant person during the flight. Maybe that’s because we’re all packed up like sardines in what in effect is the developed world’s worst airline (Iberia), but no doubt the daily presence of the street children, my conversations with Sujeylin, Juan Carlos and their friends, make me realize how irrelevant many things are we worry about in the west. The departure out of that world is then such a shock, overcrowded with spoilt children, tourists in designer sweat pants and flash sunglasses (in a plane?), or people with downright bad manners or foul moods, that the immediate effect is just too much for me. Luckily I get over this quite quickly, but I truly have been quite surprised by the paradox of it. Surely I should be the calmest person on the face of the earth when a few hours earlier I was still surrounded by the utmost poverty and suddenly I am comfortably whizzing high over the ocean being served pasta or chicken while enjoying an in-offensive inflight movie…

In the unlikely event that this film never comes to fruition, the experience will have already changed my own life in such a way that it has been worth every minute of the long struggle to get to this point.

That’s what’s been on my mind. I’ll keep posting updates regularly.

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