I have finally started to “ingest” the material. That might sound food-related to you, but let me explain. The camera we used for the shoot produces video files with an uncommon extension: M2T. This is a compressed high definition format unique to SONY (we use the Z7). In order to be able to edit the material with Final Cut Pro (our favorite editing software), the files need to be converted to the Quicktime format. You can download a plugin from the SONY website which allows Final Cut to read the files in order to convert them. This process is called “ingesting”. The process takes about 15 minutes for each hour of video, so with my 35+ hours I didn’t do much else today.

Why suddenly so technical? For two reasons. One: the simple fact that I have now taken the first steps which leads to editing the footage. This took some thinking you know. I am now planning on creating the first 10-15 minutes of the film, as well as 2-3 crucial scenes which might occur elsewhere in the story. Armed with about 20-25 minutes of footage (with music, titles, sound mix, etc) we can continue to raise more funds with which to continue shooting and editing. It has taken me a while to get started, as I first needed to reflect on the experience, re-adjust, re-connect, etc. Also, I had been thinking about whether to start editing or not, since ideally I want to hire an editor to cut the film. I now think that with me creating an extended teaser this way, I will be able to raise sufficient funds to pay for a good editor.

And secondly (why I get so technical suddenly) is the emotional side of the process. The beginning of editing includes a personal acceptance that one is ready to be confronted with the material and adapt the film’s ideas and structure accordingly. It’s like preparing for a battle. Mentally, you have to be ready. And I am happy that I now feel ready.

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