Our phonecall

As said, I spoke to Sujeylin by phone yesterday. She sounded well, clear of mind, although she had some problems. As she is living in Chontales right now, she fights with Juan Carlos over the phone because he doesn’t send her money. She’s living with her family, so she eats, but doesn’t have a dime to spend. Then, she fights with her mother over the same issue (that JC doesn’t pay up). Knowing her mother, I’m sure those are pretty blunt discussions. On asking her what she does all day (you know: are you working? helping your mother in the country or something like that??), she said she doesn’t do anything else but take care of Karla.

Karla is doing quite well, luckily. She’s gaining weight quickly and likes to watch TV (!!???). No doubt that’s all Sujeylin does all day – they have a hammock right in front of a small television which emits only one blurry channel, and I can just see how they both hang around all day being bored.

Finally, Sujeylin told me there is something else important she needs to tell me, but that she can’t over the phone. It will have to wait until we see each other. I insisted, but she wouldn’t.

I am now planning my planned return to Nicaragua. Doing a budget (funds are limited!) and looking for convenient dates. As soon as I know, I will post my plans here.

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