Travel dates

I am returning to Nicaragua on the 15th of June for ten days. The shoot will focus on the deteriorating relationship between Sujeylin and Juan Carlos, and if I can, I’d like to provoke a visit by Sujeylin to one of her friends from the park (Cindy) who gave birth a few weeks ago. And of course we’ll see how Karla Asuliet is doing.

This week I have been editing. Finally got started! The first scene of the film was relatively easy. I’ve always had that one very clear in my head, I shot it the way I envisaged it, and cutting it went fairly quickly (once I got around to it). It turned out to be a striking and very emotional opening to the film, and the big challenge will now lay in keeping up that quality. From here on forward it’s going to be hard…

I had been working on a follow up scene, but when watching my work right before going home on Friday I decided it wasn’t going in the right direction. So, am brewing some new ideas in my head in order to be able to get started quickly on Monday.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to be the guy cutting the film. I need an editor for that. But to get an editor, I need more financing. And to get more financing, I need to show at least 15-20 minutes of a first cut. So for now, that’s what I’m doing. Even if an editor changes everything around by the time (s)he gets on board.

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