Eurovision (good news)

Just got word that RAI, Italy’s public broadcaster, is on board! This is close to a miracle, because they pre-buy only 6-7 documentaries a year!! I am so pleased about this. Just when I was starting to think: “when will all these efforts pay off?”

Reminds me of Eurovision (which was last Saturday), with all these countries involved. No doubt they all want their vote…  🙂

We have a lot of proposals out and I really hope to get some more good news over the next two months or so. Meanwhile, we’ll keep shooting!

2 thoughts on “Eurovision (good news)

  1. Excellent news. Congrats. What do you mean by “no doubt they all want their vote?” Perhaps this is confusing for me because I’m not sure of what Eurovision is/does.


  2. The Eurovision Song Contest is a very camp annual music contest between countries, where all participants vote for each other. The winning country gets to organize it the next year. Its classic phrase is: “[country name], may I have your votes please?” People tend to organize Eurovision parties which include betting on who’s going to win. This year Norway was the lucky one. Holland was out in the semi-finals and Spain was second-to-last.

    One of the challenges in documentary filmmaking when you have a lot of national TV financiers is that they all want their say during the editing stage. Hence my wink to the Eurovision song contest…

    Big kiss!


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