Thoughts from a plane

This time I’m flying again through Miami as opposed to San José (Costa Rica). Am really getting the hang of it. I now have a list of 10 seat numbers on an Airbus 340 I prefer to sit in and was able to book them in advance for both Atlantic crossings. Then, upon arrival in the U.S. I know what row to join to get through customs as quickly as possible. Yet both the flight and the unnecessary entry and immediate departure into the U.S. remain extremely tedious. Good thing is that I was able to have a quick meeting with a local producer in Miami who is looking for directors to represent for the Spanish-speaking market. You can’t let your lay-overs waste away!

This is my fourth trip to Nicaragua in eight months, and my seventh trip to Central America since I started this project. Today’s destination is Managua, but tomorrow we’re straight off to Chontales, where Sujeylin is temporarily living (with her mother in a small village). One of the first things I plan on doing is one of those audio-only interviews I will end up using to knit together the voice over. I want to record some of the things that have been going on these past two months. Although besides the recent problems with Juan Carlos, I suspect she has very few interesting things to share. She herself has said that she’s bored and wishes to return to the city, something we’ll probably undertake together on Thursday.

I hear Karla has really grown during this period and I’ll try to post a picture as soon as I can. During one of my phone conversations with Sujeylin I asked her if she planned on leaving the baby at home with her mother (where she’s obviously better off) but this hadn’t occurred to her at all. The baby goes where she goes.

Am curious what these next ten days will bring. Stay tuned. I’ll write daily so check back when you can. Please feel free to leave comments and/or send the blog to your friends. I want to get this story debated and out there!

2 thoughts on “Thoughts from a plane

  1. So interesting that the thought of leaving Karla with her mom doesn’t occur to Sujeylin – yet isn’t her first daughter there? I feel such emotion for the older daughter, as well, and worry the she’ll feel abandoned in a way. Best wishes. (And I’m going to put this link in my next blog entry.)


  2. Nasli, her first daughter, was left with grandma when she was only a month old and doesn’t recognize Sujeylin as being her mother. Sujeylin’s mother in turn has made it very clear she is not willing to care for another baby of hers. She has repeated this over and over, starting when Karla hadn’t even been born yet. What’s more, Sujeylin has her dreams of creating a stable and self-sufficient family unit. Karla is her first step. Next steps are finding a legal job (her, JC or both) and finding a roof over their heads. Then she would go and fetch Nasli as well. What’s more, Karla has been the single reason she doesn’t use any drugs anymore and her inspiration to think more about the future. She’s been talking to me about starting a little business selling candy and cigarettes in the streets. If she’s serious about this (which remains to be seen), I will help her set this up once we’re done filming.


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