Surprises and a lost opportunity

I don’t know how one day could be so surprising and so unproductive at the same time. My guess would be that the element of surprise would turn into interesting scenes for the film, but that’s not always the case.

Upon leaving Managua this morning, I phoned Sujeylin to make sure she was still in Villa Sandino. She was there, but staying at the neighbour’s because her mother kicked her out (big surprise!). Works out she got into a fight with her sister, the one who takes care of Sujeylin’s first daughter Nasli, and pulled a knife on her. They both had scratches on their arms but are still alive… So, a few days ago she still had a father for her child, and an entire family (and home) to fall back on. She now has nothing but herself and Karla, because Nasli is being kept away from her.

Of course when I got there, I was asked to come and greet her mother. Good manners tell me that you can’t just barge in with a camera and crew, but I wish I had because mom started ranting about Sujeylin right away. She was angry and desperate. When a few hours later we bumped into her again, this time with the camera in my hand, and asked her to keep talking, she had lost all urge to do so. The camera makes her shy and she had already said what she had to say. So I lost a scene there. And felt extremely unproductive (and stupid but there was no alternative way of doing this).

I got Sujeylin to talk for the voice over and she was pretty candid. She didn’t care if her mother would be found dead. Boy was she feisty. So, I have sound but no images yet. What’s more, by the time I wanted to go and do a stake out in front of the two neighboring houses, we were surprised by a powerful tropical rain shower which lasted for more than an hour. Very impressive to see so much water coming down so forcefully.

We’re spending tomorrow here, so let’s see if I can get both mother and daughter (who in the story really are grandmother and mother) to meet tomorrow. Without it becoming a soap.

As for Karla, she indeed grew. She looks very healthy actually! See below.

suj karla jun 09

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