A note for her mother

A few months ago I stated that I am happy shooting one usable scene a day, as long as I feel it’s complete with a beginning, middle and end. Considering Sujeylin has been very bored here in Villa Sandino, I wasn’t quite sure what else I would be able to get before returning to Managua tomorrow. What’s more, the rainy season obliges her to stay inside all day, so she just sits and stares, mostly.

Little did I know that I was to receive a present today – one of those scenes one doesn’t expect to happen and which in a very simple yet unique way was able to move the story forward on several levels.

She was just sitting around doing nothing, when all of a sudden she grabs a pen and paper and starts to write. Considering she has only three years of school, she writes very slowly so without knowing what this is about I am able to get this little action from just about every angle. When I ask later what she wrote, she told me it’s a note for her mother. And after a little negotiation, she decides to read it out loud on camera before sending it away with her sister.

suj writing

We then followed her sister and finally her mother, who was not that keen on re-reading it for us but her facial reaction to the letter provided for a very good end to the scene. Although its contents weren’t violent at all, Sujeylin pretty much wishes her a good rest of her life (as in: we won’t meet again). So simple, and so dramatic.

For the rest the day was marked by very serious tropical rains. We’re in the middle of their winter, which started in April and lasts through October/November. Good thing about the rain is that the temperatures are bearable.

villa sandino

Tomorrow Sujeylin will be turning her back on her hometown and travelling to Managua, where she awaits a meeting with another lost relationship: Juan Carlos. It’s starting a sound like a cheap South American soap. And all this time baby Karla is oblivious to how her future is being shaped for her.

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