Today I was finally able to use the first aid kit we are carrying around for this shoot… On an otherwise quiet Sunday afternoon, there was suddenly a quarrel between two of the girls in the group. One of them is quite aggressive and immediately grasped a bottle, broke it and started yanking at the other one. Nothing happened and the entire group quickly surrounded the first one (the one yanking) and calmed her down. They were all on her side. The other one, being alone and by this time also with a bottle in her hand, while being quite drunk and stoned, was screaming out loud about her dignity and what not and suddenly cut herself in her arm.

the cut

We were filming all this, from a safe distance, as I conferred with Alejandro (our social worker) whether we should treat the wound. He said if she wants to be treated, we should do it. In the picture there is little blood, but a few moments later her entire hand and underarm were red. It’s really not much but does impress. By this time the poor woman nearly loses consciousness, most probably because of the excitement. Some people lay her on the floor while I go for the first aid kit, which is in the car outside the park.

being a nurse

When coming back, I asked the assistant to keep filming, which is part of our protocol (when there’s a crisis, we will help – but if we can we keep recording). Hence the video stills. I doubt I’ll use this scene in the film, because it would only be sensationalist and doesn’t really have anything to do with Sujeylin or Karla, but it’s good to have shot it anyway. If anything, it does show the adverse environment this baby grows up in. Obviously she’s oblivious to all this, but that’s only temporary. It really made me think about a few things related to the story. The baby is so innocent. When does that change? How quickly could she turn into “one of them”??

I was quite fed up by this time and wanted to get away. Am happy to be home in my hotel room and ponder a little bit about this. In fact, for the first time this week I really feel I need a distraction. Might well go see a movie, just to get my mind onto something else for a while.

For whoever might be worried: we were never in any danger. Not at all actually. We are always protected, we were far from the fight and when I treated the wound the first thing I did was put on the gloves that come with the kit…  xx

2 thoughts on “Blood…

  1. Dank je wel voor die laatste alinea. Heb je die er speciaal voor ons onder gezet?



  2. Ik had eerst geschreven: “voor Cris, de meiden en mijn moeder” maar later dacht ik, laat ik het maar wat algemener maken (papa, mijn broers, mijn vrienden, mijn schoonmoeder… etc) 🙂


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