Music and the police

In this post (see final paragraph) from March I wrote about Nicaragua’s most successful singer, PerroZompopo, who is going to write the credit song for the film. Today I invited him to the park, in order to get to know its vibe and especially Sujeylin and Karla. He arrived with his guitar.

Most of the park’s dwellers had heard of him and his presence created quite some excitement. Ramon (his real name) is a grass-roots kind of guy and I think he really enjoyed being there and taking in this reality of his own city. What’s more, Sujeylin sat down with him and didn’t hold back telling him every detail of her traumatic life. Then he played a few songs for us, including a first idea of the song he is writing for the film. It really was all quite groovy.

The rest of the day was spent waiting around, and just as I was thinking about wrapping, five police officers arrived. This created an incredible amount of nervousness amongst the group, but worked out they were looking for someone particular and didn’t bother them much. Afterwards there was a big discussion about it, and the risk they all run of being arrested. Luckily Karla wasn’t around (Sujeylin had sent her to the home of a friend so she could spend the day washing clothes) but they also didn’t notice the 3-year old who was sleeping on one of the mattresses. A good scene for the film, but mainly for the debate in the group afterwards (which was quite heated).


As for the laundry detail, see below to discover how they dry it in the sun…

drying laundry

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