My age is really playing up! I came home from dinner and opened the “new post” page for my blog in order to write about our adventures yesterday. Somehow I laid down on the bed for a moment, maybe to watch the news first. All this was around 10pm. Next thing I know is I wake up at 4am!! And I didn’t even drink a drop of alcohol during dinner!! 🙂

Anyway, the post wasn’t going to be that long anyway. The shooting day was relatively short because in the morning I had a meeting with the country-director of UNICEF. I had heard they are (finally?) doing work on teenage pregnancies in extreme poverty, so I figured we could be of help to each other. She was extremely interested in our work, and referred me to meet with some of her staff today.

I have been thinking lately that the material we are shooting, of which 97% won’t find its way into the film, could be of use to many. Academics, researchers, social workers, etc. We are really creating quite a unique study of day-to-day life on the streets and it would be a pity to throw it away once the film has been cut. Why not make theme-based educational modules for instance? Or a version of the film with a booklet for schools. That kind of thing.

The shoot in the afternoon was ok. No big events. Today is my last day here and I have a long list of things I need to do before getting out of here. Better get to it.

One thought on “Unicef

  1. Great, great, great ideas. Such media could be used as mulitple teaching tools and springboards in addition to being the curriculum itself. Even just as an initial thought, I envision many extensions. Love this. Love this.


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