The last day, at last

Please excuse me for the delay. Coming home I’m always more busy than I expected at first. I owe a write up about the last day. Later on (probably on Monday) I’ll post a message about the flight home with some personal reflections. This post is currently written old-style: by hand in a small notebook. But first the promised post about the final shooting day.

I thought it was going to be a lazy day. Sujeylin was pretty settled in by now and life was getting back to normal. Because baby Karla had been coughing, Sujeylin was planning on going back to the health center for another check up. And there the previously unimaginable happened: when they found out she lives in a park, they called a social worker! Yet just when I thought there was going to be a major turn in the story, I realized Sujeylin simply refused to talk to anyone and they gave up on her! She had given a false name and when the social worker showed up, escorted by two nurses, she just kept her mouth shut. And that was that. They left, she finished the treatment for Karla, and walked straight out back to the park.

In the afternoon I had agreed to do an interview with her – to talk about progress – and she explained that she has her answers all planned out for situations like the one above or when the police arrives in the park. Not only is she being “smart” about it, but it also confirms her interest in staying there. She claims the group to be her true family, and not her mother who kicked her out of the house only days earlier.

I find this a pretty tough realization, which is in stark contrast with her desire to get out of the park in order to offer a better life to her daughter(s).

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