Did she try to sell her baby?

Sujeylin wanted to register the child today but didn’t have access to the paperwork, which was in a house she lived in for a few days and nobody was home when we passed by to pick it up. Thinking the woman who has the key might be at the park, she had a good excuse to go there and hang out with her friends for a while. Or so she thought.

Upon arrival, she was immediately greeted with hostility. Apparantly, she was being accused of trying to sell her baby to a passerby for a mere 20 Cordobas (1 Dollar) during the week she was completely out of it. A few park dwellers had witnessed this and one of them supposedly sprung in saying he was the father, as such interrupting the sale. They were all yelling and screaming and one even took it upon her to throw something at her. When I saw it coming through the lens, I thought it was for us! But it wasn’t and worked out to only be a small bag of water.


Others were on her side and strongly defended her. Sujeylin kept on saying that it was nonsense and that no such thing had happened. Me, I don’t know who to believe. And it doesn’t really matter. Drugs does strange things to people, and she did hoover on the dark side for a while last week. But then again, every single one of the accusers (here seen in the back of the picture) were very stoned at the moment the picture was taken. So who to believe? And why choose??

What WAS interesting was that we were treated as judges. Well, more so, I was. They came to me to explain what happened, looking for my reaction and maybe some kind of endorsement for their emotions. I felt the argument was more about the credibility she had lost as a valid protagonist for a film about their collective, rather than about the baby herself. And it remains unclear to me whether all this upheaval was caused by Sujeylin arriving, or because of the unexpected presence of the camera which came in right after her. So much for not trying to interfere with your subject’s story. Again, objectivity in documentary making doesn’t exist!

Just like the clouds this time of year, it all blew over and we had a good time for a few hours. Then we went to look for Juan Carlos, as Sujeylin wanted to inform him she was going to register the child this week. They weren’t on speaking terms though, so her good intentions also blew over. He just enquired, like a typical divorced father, why she hadn’t kept her promise to bring him the baby on Sunday as it was his turn. He had money saved up to feed her, which he didn’t have now. She just replied that Karla was ill and was in no state to leave the house. And that was that.

jc at coreanos

Unfortunately, that was all that happened today. Although, I’ve said before that I am happy with one usable scene (beginning, middle and end included) per day. And the good ones always come unexpected, like today.

When the papers show up, we can go with her to register the child. An act which Juan Carlos won’t attend. But she will give Karla his last name I believe. So that’s something.

To finish, here’s a picture of mother and child I took today. If she was for sale, wouldn’t you buy her? She’s so horribly cute!! 🙂 Look at her father though (above). Sujeylin will never be able to forget him. She’ll be reminded every time she looks at her daughter.

SandK at tiptop

Tomorrow we start early as we’ll try to go with new boyfriend Felix to the Chinese clothes factory. So I am going to sleep now. Night night.

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