José Javier rapping

I can’t work the crew seven days in a row so chose to give them off in the middle of my trip – day four being today. Today was a good opportunity to get back in touch with the Dutch embassy, who I am keeping posted on the project for various reasons, as well as with some other people. I also was able to work on some unrelated stuff I am behind on.

BUT, as a treat today I’ll share a spontaneous song recorded in the park this past Tuesday. This guy’s not a regular – I hadn’t seen him before – and is ex-gang member and ex-prisoner. He shared his view of things, and his love of Jesus, this way:

In case you don’t get the Spanish, I’ll try to do a subtitled version in a few days when I have some more time. Plane rides are good for that. In any case, I hope you get the feeling of it all.

You can spot Sujeylin and baby Karla in the background.

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