What a week

I must say it has been a challenging week in certain respects. Luckily I feel that I was able to cover most of what I wanted to shoot, but there were certainly a few personal challenges along the way.

First, something which distracted and upset me was that my iPod was stolen during the flight in on the San José – Managua leg. That’s only a 40 minute trip, during which I fell asleep (after the long transatlantic leg) with my iPod sticking out of the pouch in front of me. There were very few people on the flight and when I woke up during a very bumpy landing, it was gone. Obviously the cabin crew looked for it, the captain even joked about it as he and I were the last ones off the plane, but to no avail. I won’t elaborate on my suspicions. So I got to thinking: this is a sign , Koen! It’s about leaving behind materialistic things in order to appreciate the kind of lives you are trying to portray in your film… (to me my iPod is sacred and not materialistic, purely for its contents, but hey, I have to make some sense of this event).     

Then yesterday, I suddenly get quite sick. My trip is short, and I can’t really lose the time, but I thought it be better not to leave and try to get better in a day rather than taking it with me and not getting better for the remaining two days here. As always, I am trying to read into it. Why does my body ask me to stop? What do I need to think about??     

Then, to top it off, my laptop completely stops functioning halfway my sick day. I am hoping for the best once I get home, but overhere I certainly can’t get it fixed. This would be quite a disaster if it wasn’t the last day of the shoot today. Although I do need to start looking for a good book, to get through tomorrow’s flight.     

I am not one to talk of problems. I think by talking about them too much, in your mind they just become bigger. Especially not the trivial things mentioned above. But I do think that there is a lesson here. After five months of on-and-off shooting this film, it’s easy to get comfortable. Sujeylin certainly is feeling comfy in her new home, and it would be easy for me to follow. This stuff is keeping me on my toes. It works like a slap in the face: make the most of the little time you have here. And to increase the challenge and open my eyes, I was floored for a day.     

I’m quite interested to hear whether you also treat challenges in this way. I happen to believe that everything that happens and everyone you meet presents an opportunity. You? Please leave me a comment.     

PS – I’ll correct the lay-out of this post once I’m back in Madrid on Tuesday. I have a feeling it’s not going to look so sexy once I hit the “publish” button. I’m on the hotel’s computer. Another challenge…  🙂

One thought on “What a week

  1. Dear Koen,
    There is no objective way to measure importance. If your iPod and your laptop matter to you, they matter to you. I don’t think you should compare yourself to people who are in worse conditions than yourself.


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