A final picture

Since the last two days I couldn’t post pictures (due to my laptop getting H1N1 probably) I thought I’d send this one of us. People start calling me the godfather, which kind of scares me, but you can see I’m doing my best at meeting the challenge.

sujeylin karla and koen (1)

Made it back safely. Spending half a day in San José was a very good experience. Its seemingly high level of development really surprised me and it felt kind of an extra step between Nicaragua and getting back to Spain (which in itself is not the most developed country in the world, but hey). On the flight I suffered the regular: the incurable “aftershootflighthomeintolerancewithothertravellers-syndrome” but was able to shake it off by taking a three-hour nap once home…

This film doesn’t leave me alone, and am now working down a long list of tasks I have pending related to further financing, the editing process, communication with Nicaragua and even distribution and festivals. So stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “A final picture

  1. I just read last 3 entries. Almost feels like too much to process. Problems so big and so sad in juxtasposition to tiny Karla. I’m thinking it must be hard for you to shift from the reflection to the list of tasks. Perhaps it’s necessary for your own survival. Even at this moment, images of the thousands of factory workers and scrupulous coporations capitalizing on poverty and of Felix and crack and big tears – all parading through my mind – and I’m taking the cowardly road and working hard to not think about it.

    Thanks for your posts.


  2. We can be sure that it will be an awsome documentary though. Who knows, it may even help change things.


  3. Thanks for your comment.

    There’s nothing cowardly about it by the way. It’s only natural imho.


  4. Whether the film will be awesome or not remains to be seen… I have so much material it is going to be a monster job to cut something coherent out of it! But I hear it’s normal to feel overwhelmed before editing, so my hopes are high and my spirits up.


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