A big next step

I haven’t written for a week or so, despite it having been quite an interesting time. In fact, I’m very happy to be able to write about the filmmaking process rather than the private soap-like details of Sujeylin’s life for a change. It seems like her boyfriends and in-laws have been the recent focus anyway.

Even though we are halfway the year (of shooting) I can now seriously start considering the post-production process (editing, sound editing & mixing, composing music, etc). That is because I feel that most of the film has been shot already. The March leg  was really the main one. Over the next six months I might return to Nicaragua twice, but probably only to shoot very little material which will make it into the film… (He said. Murphy says that since I’ve said this now, something really major and unexpected is going to happen – either way I’ll be happy).

Most of the editing will be financed with the subsidy from the Flemish Film Fund, but there is a hitch: I have to cut the film in Belgium… or at least use a Flemish editor who no doubt prefers to work on his/her home turf. So, I am working with the co-producer in trying to plan this stage of production in a way that it fits within budget and (more importantly as far as I’m concerned) benefits the film.

I am quite happy to have to cut in Belgium. A change of environment always stirs my creativity. Leaving daily stuff behind in Madrid and only focussing on the editing process will benefit the final outcome. So that’s the good part. The other side of the coin is that I won’t be home very much during that period, but I’m still trying to work out exactly how we could do it. Maybe I’ll be in Brussels four days a week and three in Madrid. During 10+ weeks.

Anyone has a spare room or an apartment for rent??

In other news, after many months of investigating and listening, I have finally made a choice on the composer. It’s an Argentinian guy called Martin Rasskin, who has over a hundred film scores to his name. I thought I had already shared this, but couldn’t find it.

In general I feel we’re making progress, and although miles away, on the horizon I can see the finish line. Which at the same time is a new start and the only one that matters: putting the film in front of the public!

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