The Forum – day 2

Today in fact is day 3, but I was so exhausted yesterday that I passed out with clothes and shoes still on, on top of the bed in my hotel room at 9.30pm. No kidding.

The pitch to broadcasters went extremely well. The trailer really made an impression and the replies around the table were extremely positive. Someone told me afterwards that half of the people were teary-eyed afterwards… In the afternoon we had eight one-on-one’s with TV stations and some almost immediately made a firm offer to buy broadcast rights. Amazing! Then, right before I passed out in the hotel, right after I got home from a reception hosted by the Flemish Film Fund (one of our partners), I checked my mail and even found an offer in my in-box waiting for me.

I cannot begin to tell you what a special experience this has been so far. The interest which exists for the project in literally blowing me away. And I am now confident that we will make the finish line with too many problems. Despite knowing that in the sales department, a lot of work and follow-up still has to take place.

Today (day 3) we’re in more meetings with people. But I’ll write about that later AND post the long-awaited trailer.

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