Two weeks of editing

A first period of edtiting started nearly two weeks ago, on the 1st of December. Jan De Coster, the editor, arrived a day before that in Madrid and since then we have mainly been viewing material. Jan has also cut together some rough scenes, but obviously there’s is no coherent first cut yet.

Viewing material has been a wonderful experience. I hadn’t really seen a lot of it, and it’s been a treat to re-live a lot of the experiences. I am realzing that we have a lot of very good elements, great scenes with really amazing images and information, but we’re still looking for the right angle to the story – i.e. the thread that ties those scenes together.

One of the issues has always been that it’s really the story of Karla, the baby, rather than of her mother. But she’s a tough protagonist to focus on considering she spends most of her time sleeping, crying, or eating (and shitting). Obviously we tell her story by telling the mother’s one, but we do need to be reminded every once-in-a-while of the fact that she is the true subject of the film. This is something going through my head a lot these days.

I hope to finish viewing at least the March material this coming week as well as cut some more scenes together. We take a Christmas break from the 21st until the 4th of January, after which we do five more weeks. We then have another four weeks planned for after the shooting is finally finished, in April and May. In total, I expect to be editing 12 weeks.

One thought on “Two weeks of editing

  1. Dear Koen
    As I was reminiscing over the past year on this Christmas day, my thoughts went to you and your wonderful project. How good to read that you’re reaching the final stage. Can’t wait to see the result. I can only imagine the floods of experiences and feelings that you go through when editing the material. My daughter Luna turns 13 next week and I showed her the pictures of the young mothers. Her eyes went wide open… Entrepreneurship and a good cause find its perfect combination in your ventures. You have my respect and continued admiration.
    Veel geluk in 2010!


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