Quick update

Just a quick update. It’s been a very busy week for me, not only with the film, and I haven’t had much time to write. So, what’s been going on?

First, we found out this week that, after all, Sujeylin in NOT pregnant again. She had very good reasons to believe she was, so we offered to do an ultrasound and it worked out she isn’t. She’s relieved. So am I, although another birth would have made a good final scene for the film.

Then, based on that, I have planned the final shooting period (for now). Looks like I’m going back on the 1st of March for a good two weeks. That’s when we’ll shoot the final scenes of the film. Editing is going very well as well by the way, as we’re making more progress every day. There’s a lot to do still, but the story is slowly unfolding itself and I hope to have a pretty good idea of the first 80% of the film by the end of this first period (1st week of February).

On the money side, we’re still quite a lot of production funding short, but the success of the Forum is slowly starting to pay of. We’re in negotiation with quite a lot of broadcasters, and the first contracts should be signed by the end of January.

I know it’s not as exciting as when we’re shooting (don’t forget to check in in March!) but it’s the reality. We’re making good progress and I have high expectations.

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