Prepping to return

I’m flying back to Managua in 13 days, to finish shooting the film. After two weeks of shooting, we’ll actually take a few days of holidays as well, as I realize I haven’t seen much of the country yet. And who knows when I’ll return?

Some ten days ago we finished the first 8 week period of editing and I came away with a 2 hour rough cut without an ending. I loved every day of the editing process, and am so happy with what we have right now. Obviously, it needs juggling, mixing, blending and trimming, but I’m feeling very good about the film. We were able to show it to some of the buyers, who were in Barcelona for an industry meeting, and they also seemed extremely happy with how it’s going. Now fingers crossed for the final leg!

Yesterday I finally signed the first two contracts coming out of the Forum. They are with TVO in Ontario and Knowledge in British Columbia. Well done Canadians! We’re still working on a few more, which have been negotiated but require papering. So that too is going well.

My worries now are quite ridiculous. Besides having to take on the rest of the post-production process, which is a beast, it seems that I’m more worried about trivial stuff. Two things, to be specific. First: what to call the film? I accept suggestions. One requirement is that it doesn’t include the word “street” and I’m quite in love with the name of the neighborhood where the park is and where Carla spent a big amount of time: Ciudad Jardin (Garden City). So, something which respects those two rules. And my second concern is: what’s next? If this film continues to go so well, then my next project can’t lag behind! This is something I need to start thinking about now. I have some ideas, but which one best rides the waves of the current one??

This last question is better for a chat over a beer than a discussion here, as it would be a bad idea to publish the content of projects in development here, but still, it keeps me thinking (not awake, luckily).

I leave on the 1st of March and then will write on a daily basis. So check back often!

3 thoughts on “Prepping to return

  1. What’s in a name? I suppose that the name of this documentary should refer to the children. Something like “children’s children”?


  2. …Managua te esta esperando!… ojala que todo lo que necesita el documental para su the end, sea encontrado en estos dias.
    desde esta calurosa y polvorienta managua te doy la bienv
    un abrazo.


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