A 1000 words

As for our first shooting day in Managua, I think I should just shut up. After all, one picture is better than…

5 thoughts on “A 1000 words

  1. Upgraded to business class! So you left your seat at the emergency exit to another lucky person?

    The picture is very nice and you are spot on with your comment.

    I hope and expect that this final shoot will be as successful and surprising for you as the previous ones.

    Kind regards,



  2. In fact, while they confirmed my upgrade I was put on standby, so I didn’t really have a seat guaranteed until half an hour before the flight would leave. I was afraid for a while to end up sitting in the center on the back row somewhere and already regretted having asked…
    See you soon I hope.


  3. Q monada de niña Koen! Espero que el final de esta aventura tenga muchas cosas positivas para ellos y para ti.
    Nos vemos a tu vuelta!


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