Some images

Am now able to post screen grabs again from my video footage. Here’s the closed park. The pile of concrete on the left is from the paths which are being dug out. The park will be cut up in pieces and sold on to build commercial spaces on. The group now lives across the road, behind a petrol station.

Parent reunion on the second day of our visit.

The fight in which Karla was used as a human shield. Sujeylin is keeping the woman in yellow from attacking the one who’s holding Karla. A pretty tense moment. And inexplicable decision for any parent. But it worked.

My editor also ordered some general shots of Managua. I’m sure he meant shots with people going about their business, and not this image, but it’s an interesting building. It’s Managua’s earthquake proof cathedral which, according to my American producer, looks like a nuclear power plant.

And we also do nice shots! You might know I am doing a series of sunrises and sunsets, to be used as transitional scenes between important moments in the film. This is one taken from the roof of the Crowne Plaza hotel.

3 thoughts on “Some images

  1. Hi Koen,

    It seems like the documentary will have all the ingredients to keep the attention of the viewers. The fact that the park is closed and that the group has moved will add a new dimention to it. That, and the indeed hard to understand decision from Sujeylin to leave Karla in a situation like that: maybe she is a psychological mastermind with icewater in her vains, otherwise…
    Anyway, this will mean more work in the final edit!

    Have a good time and hope to see you soon after your return.



  2. Yes, these developments both enrich and complicate the story. Lots of choices to make!
    Thanks for your comment!


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