Radio silence

These past few days we’ve been in the countryside, in the village Sujeylin grew up in. Internet was available but at such low speeds that sending a one-line email would cost ten minutes. Hence the radio silence.

Sujeylin wanted to see her first daughter, Nasli. She’s grown up (almost three now) as you can see.

The drive there was absolute hell (excuse the term but it simply was) and even worse, the next day we were talked into driving another four hours to visit Sujeylin’s eldest sister she hadn’t seen in six years, over bumpy dusty roads sucking up dust with every passing car, but the experience was worth it. If only to have gotten the entire family together and to be able to do some valuable filming, especially with her mother.

Her sister lives in the center of the middle of nowhere. There is nothing but a few shacks there. About six or seven to be exact. See picture.

They pump water from a well in the garden and hang out all day sweating under the burning hot tin roof. This village is a clear example of someone having settled there, and others having followed, but without any apparent reason. Or maybe it was because the owner of this little business lives there… ??

Yep, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this. In the cage next to the word “circo” there are three hungry lions, and across the road from Sujeylin’s sister’s house, two monkeys were tied to a truck. But that’s as exciting as it got.

Little by little the story is coming to a close. Karla today is much better off then she was a year ago. That is because her mother is as well. A lot could still happen, but one could say that they are in relative safety. There are few days to go, but they are booked with interesting events still to be filmed, so keep reading…

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