Birthday prep

Sujeylin and Felix have started to prep the birthday. Yesterday, they went out to buy invitations, which are being delivered today (Saturday) for a party which will take place on Sunday. I had promised to help them pay for the party, so after we did some filming at the end of the day they were making their shopping list. Needless to say, it became larger and larger, running the risk of becoming quite costly.

After some debate, we settled on a maximum budget which is greater than Felix’s two-weekly income, but nevertheless not a very large sum of money. They decided to invite some 15 children (for Karla’s first birthday – we always respected the “one-child-per-year-rule” so if for instance a child turns three you invite three friends…) who will come with their parents and some more siblings probably . So this is going to be a huge event out in the street in front of the house. We’re even renting seats, at ten seats for a dollar!

Oh well, I say let them have their party. It’s true that they have taken the whole hand when a finger was offered, but why not? It’ll help them in their social relationships with the neighborhood (something Sujeylin hasn’t always been very good at herself), Karla gets an oversized fest, and I get an impressive final scene for the film. It might seem somewhat unbelievable, but that will depend on how we edit it.

Here’s Sujeylin double-checking the list of invitations:

In the morning we made a few visits to some of the NGO’s as well as the American Embassy. Earlier in the week we had already been to the Spanish and Dutch embassy as well. We’re starting to focus a lot on distribution, which includes finding a cause this film will be supporting once it gets let loose into the world and drumming up support for a screening initiative we are planning for the fall right here in Managua. There will be a lot more to write (and read) about that once plans are taking shape.

2 thoughts on “Birthday prep

  1. Je schrijft je belevenissen zo, dat het moeilijk wordt om er een reactie op te geven. Ik wil je daarom alleen even laten weten dat ik er dagelijks naar uitkijk en ervan geniet.


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