God = Good – part 2

Back in March 2009, when Karla was just born, I wrote this post about an evangelical organization who offer religious services to street children and then give them lunch. The issue of that day was that they wouldn’t let us film. Well, yesterday we finally received permission to shoot there and I must say it was one of the most positive moments I have seen Sujeylin been in.

To refresh your memory, street kids are picked up by a bus on Saturday morning and brought out in the outskirts to a building used by these evangelists. See image.

They bring in this fancy sound system, and of the two-hour service, they spend about an hour and a half singing and dancing! If I weren’t holding the camera, I might have ended up wiggling my hips myself. There was such an amazing atmosphere there, and I hadn’t quite seen the effect it had on Sujeylin in any other occasion. She really got into it, was clapping, singing, and waving, and seemed quite happy there with Karla in her arms and Felix standing next to her.

What struck me was that many characters who appear in the film were present. In a way, it seemed like a very beautiful moment to come to an idea of closure for some of them (within the story). Obviously, it’s an artificial high partly caused by the strong music, but as a scene it will make a very interesting ending. I imagine it being followed by what we will be shooting later today: the birthday party.

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