Karla’s prezzie

Yesterday was Karla’s real birthday (the party was a day early, on Sunday). So I went to bring her my present. A little big, but very welcome, I figured. See picture…

They were in fact surprised and very happy with it. It’s both the bed (complete with pink mosquito net and all other accessories) and the fan, for it gets really hot inside that house. It was kind of IKEA style – they gave it to us in parts in order to put it together at its destination, but not all of them fit so well… Anyway, we did it and it worked and this morning I called Sujeylin to confirm that Karla slept well. And she did.

I’ll be off-line for a few days now as we’re taking a short, well-deserved holiday. Happy to be able to see something else of this amazing country. If you haven’t yet, please sign up for email alerts (top right) so we can stay in touch with you about the film.

5 thoughts on “Karla’s prezzie

  1. He die Koen,

    Wat een gigantisch kado…+ veel nieuwe ontwikkelingen!

    je maakt me zeer nieuwsgierig naar de eindsequencie van de film!!

    Ik blijf je volgen




  2. Hi Koen,

    Glad to see that everything has gone so well, both shooting and promoting. Enjoy Nicaragua and hope to see you soon after your return. We can’t wait to see the final cut.

    Break a leg.


  3. Dear Koen,

    What a result, unbelievable. Great to see the evolution of Sujeylin, Karla, the Film and do not forgot the filmaker, Godfather Koen.

    You can be very proud! Hope to CU soon in Madrid and enjoy your short holiday.



  4. Beautiful gift for a beautiful girl. May her dreams always be sweet. Happy Birthday, Karla!


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