Film = team work

Last Wednesday night I worked with the amazing Olga Rossano (Spanish singer/song writer – see her myspace here) in recording the vocal part of the title song of the film. As you might know, the song, entitled El Cielo Es El Aire, has been written by Nicaraguan artist PerroZompopo (see his web, where you can download his new album free of charge) and is being recorded and produced in Managua, except for the female vocals. I had brought along our daughter Paula, who is a fan of Olga, and we enjoyed a fun, creative and relaxed few hours at The Artist Factory sound studios just outside of Madrid. See picture.

As we were recording, it suddenly dawned on me that at the very moment we were doing that, others in other places in the world are working on other stuff for this documentary. Belgian editor Jan De Coster was still in my office, working on version 9 of the film (we expect to have some 20 versions before it’s done). Martin Rasskin, the composer of the rest of the music, was very probably working on fine tuning some of the themes which tie together the story. He is also in Madrid, but in his own studio. Meanwhile, in Managua, producer Martha Clarissa is dealing with Sujeylin, who has had a few problems we are trying to help her solve (more about this in a later post). And in that same city, a woman called Luisa Amanda Padilla is working against the clock to get the transcriptions of the interviews to us as soon as humanly possible so Jan can include those in the 300+ pages of documents related to the film’s original material and start adding some voice over to the final sequences. That must have been right around the same time co-producer Emily Lobsenz, in New York, was working on a document she sent me later regarding some of the outreach and audience engagement plans we are designing. I can go on…

Apart from many other factors, this is one of those little details which makes being a filmmaker a very fulfilling experience. This film is being worked on around the clock and around the world by a group of excellent people, devoted to its subject matter and to creating the best possible, most effective, interesting end product.

I find that touching, this idea of global collaboration.

One thought on “Film = team work

  1. Es un placer poder colaborar en tu fantástico y comprometido proyecto querido amigo:)
    Te mando un fuerte abrazo y para Paula también!


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