A breakthrough

Yesterday, after eleven weeks and a few days of editing, we screened version 13 of the film, which was quite an event. I strongly felt that this is the one – the structure and balance we are after, the story lines we want to expose, the way Sujeylin takes our hand and leads us through the plot… I was elated after seeing it. And yet, we’ll have a few more weeks of editing to do before we can “lock” the picture on the feature version of the film. After that we do a sound mix and colour correction, and after that we start work on the one hour version for television.

Nevertheless, like a few other moments in the making of this film, yesterday was one to remember.

4 thoughts on “A breakthrough

  1. So, congratulations to you and to Jan with this important milestone in the project!


  2. Indeed, this sounds like a major milestone. Congratulations! I’m very anxious to see the final result.


  3. If we weren’t already, we would be even more so now. It sounds like things are falling into place thanks to the hard work and dedication of many!


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