Version 18

We’re working on version 18 right now. Tomorrow is the first day of Jan’s last week in Madrid and I hope, expect and trust that we’ll be done by Friday. We then have the picture cut of the long version of the film, after which we can start working on the sound edit and mix as well as color correction.

I expect this version to come in at 90 minutes. We’ll use it for festivals and in those countries where we can arrange for a theatrical release. It’s also the foundation for the one-hour version, which we will be working on in June. All of the nine broadcasters involved in the film have requested anything between 58 and 52 minutes. And only one has also requested the long one, just to have the option.

Getting close…

One thought on “Version 18

  1. Koen,

    As you know I had the privilege and pleasure to preview the film last Thursday. Just like the rest of the group I was impressed with the work you and Jan have done and I hope that our observations have helped you understand how the audience in general will see and interpret it. Apart from that every person has its own reference so it will be impossible to make a picture that will have the same effect and impact on all people, but it is good that the emotions and interpretations of the large themes were felt by all of us.

    The choice of Sujeylin as the main character in the film could not have been better. You can make beautiful shots and interviews but if the main person is not strong enough there will be no cohesion and with Sujeylin you achieved just that. We may not always agree with her, or better said, understand her choices but you can see that she is real and brakeable though at the same time a very strong person that knows what she wants. The film explains that to the viewer and it really touches you.

    Congratulations and lots of luck with the process of perfecting this diamond.



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