ITVS International

I have been sitting on this news for quite a while now, but this week the signed and counter-signed contract arrived back at the office and we can finally make it public…

ITVS International on board!
The Independent Television Service is a hybrid between a production fund and a company, based in San Francisco. They are like a fund because they work with public money (both tax dollars and large donations from three big foundations) and have two annual funding rounds to which one can apply: one for US companies and one for “international” ones (meaning non-U.S.). If you get through, they take U.S. broadcast rights and position themselves as a co-producer which means they get the right to editorial input on the U.S. version and a return on their investment. Obviously, I wouldn’t have mentioned them here, were it not that we were selected under their international call. Which IMHO is quite a big deal.

Getting “in” with ITVS is much desired in documentary-landia. We were chosen out of 500 projects from 117 countries, and ended up among the first three projects of 12 selected. They guarantee the U.S. broadcast and design and execute large promotional, social media and outreach campaigns in order to really maximise its exposure, something from which the film will benefit tremendously. And ITVS is recognized the world over and thus opens a lot of doors in many other places, not in the least to high-profile festivals (I am now dreaming of Sundance… fingers crossed). Finally, they make a serious contribution to the film’s budget and, last but certainly not least, they are a big boost to any director’s career and CV.

A few stats: this is the second project from Spain co-produced by ITVS, I am only the third Dutch director and it is the first time in their history that they are supporting a story from Nicaragua…

Pretty cool, eh? Their website is here.

3 thoughts on “ITVS International

  1. Congratulations, Koen! I have been following this story of yours regularly and been very impressed. It is so interesting. You have done really well and now this great achievement. I guess it is just a start and there is much more to come. 🙂


  2. Amazing! Well done!! I have a friend in the States who’s seen the trailer and is very excited about this news – how can she find out when it will be shown?

    UK next!



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